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I (an individual who is not affiliated in any way with the owners of Stonehenge in England) have been running this website since June of 1994.

StonehengeThis website has the proud honor of being the oldest, continuous independently operated Stonehenge site known on the Internet. It has educated millions of people on the mystery of Stonehenge.

I am not sure when it really started, but I have always been interested in Stonehenge. When I was a child, we lived in Germany and had the opportunity to visit England. We went to a Henge but weren't lucky enough to be able to visit the wonderful stone ring of Stonehenge. I really regret it because back then you were able to walk among the stones and be a part of their glory. Today, you are just a spectator marveling at their majesty.

Much later in life, since I missed out on the "in person" experience, I decided to learn as much as I could about Stonehenge. In 1994 took what I knew, put it up on a web page, and hoped to educate the world on how wonderful Stonehenge was. I certainly was not an expert by any means but there was no real information out there.

Stonehenge - Gateway to the Realms went live on June 4th, 1994. Back then it was a simple site, but I continued to work on it throughout the years. This site was located off my Earthlink internet account "Stonehenge - Gateway to the Realms" and until recently brought many visitors to my site.

Over the years there have been many variations and many names, but the site still continued to become even more popular. I am happy to say that I as far as I can tell, I am the oldest Stonehenge site on the Internet and have helped over 5.5 million students, teachers, and the curious persons learn about Stonehenge.

Finally I moved my Stonehenge site from its location as a stonehenge subdirectory at my domain christiaan.com (which is now my business site) to its new permanent home at AboutStonehenge.Info

Here I hoped to make a "one stop Stonehenge spot" type web site. So far things have been going good but it is much harder getting links and traffic than I had hoped. There are many sites on Stonehenge now and most are not even updated on a regular basis like mine. If you want to increase the knowledge of Stonehenge, please tell others about my new AboutStonehenge.Info site!

Enjoy your stay!