About Stonehenge .Info

About Stonehenge . Info

You have wandered upon an educational website not as old as Stonehenge, but certainly one of the oldest and very likely the first covering all aspects of this mystical monolithic structure. This website was originally started in 1994 and over the years has gone through many names and domains. During that time we have educated over 5.5 million students and individuals about this mysterious monument and have worked toward becoming a "one stop Stonehenge spot."

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Some refer to it as Stone Henge and Stonehedge which is incorrect. Even though we are talking about a very popular megalith, not everyone knows the history of Stonehenge. Like where it is, what it was used for, or even how it was built. While some questions are easily answered, others are still shrouded in mystery and these ancient questions keep everyone wondering what truth lies in those massive stones circles.

The history and beauty of Stonehenge is a subject which captures the fascination of millions of people around the globe every year. A monument to the idea that we are all intimately connected to the earth's natural cycles, Stonehenge continues to inspire the feeling that by respecting the mysteries of nature and preserving the beauty of our planet, we can create a safe future for generations to come. In the effort of bringing greater predictability to their annual calendar and deeper spiritual connection into their daily lives, our ancestors erected ceremonial monuments like this to track the seasons and pay reverence to the forces of the universe.

I believe that the magnetism which Stonehenge radiates comes specifically from a prehistoric intention of people desiring to be in perfect harmony with these universal forces. In as industrialized of a society as we all now live, organic influences like this influence us on the deepest levels of our consciousness. Reaching into the fiber of who we are as much as our DNA does, our relationship to the earth - and the ebbs and flows of its regenerative cycles - is perhaps the most influential factor in our daily actions as is our sheer force of will. Nature rules us more often than we probably ever conceive.

When we are out of sync with our own inherent natures by not getting enough sleep and taking time to care for ourselves - we tend to get sick. Likewise, if our farmers ignore the wisdom of the seasons and do not plant and harvest crops at the appropriate times - none of us will eat. And as a society, if we knock the planetary balance of nature out of whack by descimating the rain forests and over polluting our air - we likely will not have any future at all.

Stonehenge is a reminder that our civilization has known how to stay in harmony with the earthly forces for thousands of years. This knowledge is still within us, and often times, is very much common sense. For those subjects which are not as much about common sense, given our increasingly complicated lifestyles, there are sustainability coaches available to help us regain internal harmony and recapture external simplicity.

While we can't cover every aspect of the mystery of Stonehenge, we will attempt to provide our visitors with a complete experience allowing you to come out with a well rounded understanding of what it is about. Additionally, this is an interactive site giving our visitors the ability to post news, details, and other information related to Stonehenge as well as participate in our forums on various topics.

Enjoy your stay. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.


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